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Lights, Camera, Action!

Travel back in time with me for a moment. It's a Friday night, school is out for the week and your parents agreed to let a friend sleepover. Your homework is done, and mom just hit you with the best news ever: We're going to the movies tonight.

Oh, the thrill! The excitement of looking up at the screen and transporting from this world to the next. Sometimes it meant feeling seen with a relatable character, other times we were whisked off into fantasy, a whole new world to explore. It is this child-like excitement and wonder that still fills me to this day as I work towards and anticipate the release of the films I help produce.


Director Lorena Gordon of the soon to be released short film, AT LAST, crafted a beautiful story of bravery, friendship, and being true to yourself. With talents like George Lopez, Zachary Gottsagen (who as many of you know, I adore. If you have the opportunity and want another inspiring movie to watch, I highly recommend The Peanut Butter Falcon. Zach is amazing in it!), and breakout actress Katie Burton. This incredible cast seals the deal as each actor fully embraces their character in this emotional, yet light-hearted film. While watching the first edit the other day, I smiled, held my breath, and knew in my heart this was a story that will help so many feel seen. I am so proud of Lorena, as well as the cast and crew!

Photos courtesy of Lorena Gordon, @lorenagordon & @atlastshortfilm.

The film is set to be released on time this June and I'm so eager to share it with you all! I will make sure to keep you updated. Until then, as promised, here is the official teaser to which I helped Lorena make, AT LAST...

and what about the others?

As I had mentioned a couple of blog posts back, When The Rain Sets In is also on schedule to be released in June! And additionally, The Sands of Time, which is also from Director James Hughes. James is working on the final touches for both films. He is a perfectionist and I appreciate his many talents. I could not be more excited for the final cuts to arrive!

Pinwheel Horizon is really progressing through pre-production on schedule and almost all the cast and crew are set. Our bi-monthly meetings are being bumped up to weekly now, with the three of us having our own individual list of to-do's each week. This project is keeping me very busy most weeks.

More updates to come, including a mystery project that I am currently not able to give any details about, but will as soon as possible!

Visit the FILMS page on my website for more details on these projects.

Return to brian's head

We fell so in love with Brian's head last week, we couldn't resist another go at the mountain. This time the snow was extremely slushy, we had to dig the claws of the snowshoes in as deep as possible to stay stabilized. We ascended to 11,000 ft and were almost totally vertical. Full disclosure, my legs started to shake from sheer fear as I turned around after Colin fell and went rolling down the side of the mountain. I wasn't certain if he had fallen due to the high altitude or the steep hillside but I knew I couldn't simply turn around at this point and run down after him. looking all the way down to the base, I also had a sense of vertigo. After confirming he was still in one piece, we both laughed it off and headed toward the trees. Once there, our steps were knee-high as the snow was much deeper. It was one of our best workouts yet!

Casto Canyon

What a gorgeous place! The birds chirping, the solitude of the canyon, and the stream jumping made this place a favorite. The number of boulders which have fallen onto the trails, not so much! I"ll let these pics speak for themselves...

This stream was the icing on the cake. Pure serenity as I stood there taking in the sounds and sights of naturally flowing water. I hope it brings you some peace as well.

Thank you for reading! We are heading out of Panguitch, Utah this week and starting to make our way to the next spot. And this is the reason why I will be posting two blog posts this week. Find out why and what happened over the last few days on Friday's post.

Sending you love and light


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