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Earth Day, Every Day...

Updated: Feb 27

It's no secret that I am an outspoken advocate for the environment and reversing climate change. Earth Day is tied for first as my favorite holiday with Valentine's Day! If you follow my socials, you probably saw a lot of posts about the documentary Kiss the Ground on Netflix. There are a handful of very important environmental docs out right now but I chose to highlight Kiss the Ground because regeneration is the solution to climate change we have desperately needed.

I strongly urge you to watch this wonderfully made film and encourage your friends and family to watch as well. As Woody Harrelson says, it's easy to give up and say it's too late, but with regeneration, IT ISN'T! Save the soil, save the world!

We Can Help

You may not be a crop farmer, but that doesn't mean you can't make a difference! Supporting farms that utilize regeneration, spreading awareness and contacting your elected officials are all ways that we can support this effort. Of course, financial donations are always helpful to the people fighting this fight full time. If you are able to give to one of the most important causes on the planet, you can do so here!

Additionally, one of the most powerful ways you can make a difference is in your own backyard. Keeping your soil healthy, harmful pesticides far away, and composting your food scraps is also a wonderful contribution to keeping the planet healthy.

I was delighted to see the Indiegogo campaign for a sleek and efficient "one button touch" counter-top composter. These are the products of the present, innovative and brilliant! I wish I could put one in every kitchen within city limits.

More to See

As I mentioned earlier, there are a good handful of environmental documentaries out right now. Here is a list for after you've finished Kiss the Ground:

The Story of Plastic was actually made by a friend of mine and is a crucial look into how our trash and plastic waste is unsustainable, to put it kindly.

I Love it here

I don't know about you, but i love it here. I love the sprawling oceans and the cool breeze dancing on my face as I curl my toes in the sand. I love the sunsets and the dolphins jumping through the waves. I love the mountains covered in trees and rocks as old as time. I love fresh air and a grassy meadow with wildflowers...

I love this planet and I think you do too. We need a major shift in gratitude and respect for Mother Earth. We must shape our lives around her needs and not the other way around, and in return, she will make sure we are provided for.

I'd like to close this week with some of my favorite photos I've snapped through my travels on this beautiful planet!

Remember, Earth day is every day! Thank you for stopping by this week. Sending you love and light as we make our way around the beaming light of the sun.


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