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Ups & Downs...

Anyone else riding a roller coaster of emotion as we venture deeper into the pandemic? My days are filled with highs and lows as I ride the wave of mixed feelings. On one hand, I am thankful the earth is getting a chance to heal as we slow down our daily pace to a screeching halt. The images of empty LA highways are both eerie and beautiful. The smog is dissipating as people do their part to social distance and shelter in place. I am touched by this fantastic display of solidarity for one another!

On the other hand, we are all missing the connection. I find myself reminiscing while on hikes about friends, lunch dates, and visits to the farmer's market. If there is one thing this virus has proven true, it's that humans are a social species. As Jack Johnson says "it's always better when we're together".

Making the best of it

My daily hikes have been temporarily suspended as my body decided to take a break. I pulled out my back, had to wear a neck brace, and my chiropractor is convinced I slightly tore my meniscus. Admittedly, the pain is terrible, but I am fighting through it and staying positive. Remembering that life is filled with these ups and downs helps keep the big picture in perspective. I know this will pass and far more comfortable times will return.

While being practically immobile over the last week, I have found joy and community in the wonderful world of video chat! How fortunate we are to be able to "visit" with friends and family.

I have started a weekly get together on Zoom titled 'iTea'. Getting a little dressed up for high tea with the girls and discussing anything from our lives to current events. I highly recommend utilizing group video chat on a regular basis. Having a group discussion and seeing familiar faces truly lifts the spirits and provides a needed boost in these times. Seeing my friends recharged my spirit and we all agreed this needed to be a weekly meet!

On Wednesday night, we hosted a game night on Zoom with family and it was a total hit. Laughter is the best medicine! Colin and I have also started online french lessons, I'm using the Master Class App to learn more about an array of different subjects and we have plans for a dance party soon. The options are endless, a little creativity and a webcam later and you have a "social gathering" at your fingertips! I recently saw that some companies are encouraging their employees with themed online meetings such as "tourist" or "cowboy western". The staff then create a look from what they have on hand in their closet and wear it for the group meeting. Too much fun!

Keep up the good work

All in all, it appears the majority of people are taking COVID-19 seriously and staying home. Now is the time to stay vigilant. We are continuing to wash our hands throughout the day, avoiding contact with our faces, implementing social distancing in all aspects of life, and limiting our trips to the store to once every two weeks if possible (knowing we don't need to hoard mass amounts. We're all in this together). There will always be stories and headlines of people disregarding the gravity of the situation, but I believe the vast majority are doing the right thing and it fills me with hope and appreciation!

So where are we now? We made our way to St. George, UT and I must say, this area is somewhere I could definitely see ourselves planting roots. The beautiful views and pristine air quality are incredible. A definite contender in the search for a new home base!

With all this extra time indoors, what has been your favorite movie you've watched so far during quarantine? I would love some suggestions! Comment below and I will add it to our watch list (unless it's in the horror or sci-fi genres).

Thanks for checking in this week, wishing you all the best and sending calming energy your way...

In good health


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