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Staying In The Loop

Good afternoon from Malibu! We are still in Southern California, nestled up next to the beach as we continue to work and search for a new home. I have so much going on behind the scenes with films I'm working on, I feel I can finally give you an update.

Before I get to film updates, I want to quickly touch on the value of outstanding customer service. I'd like to take a moment to praise those who go above and beyond for their customers/clients. There are still many businesses that value putting in extra effort and integrity in the way they conduct themselves and their business. As someone who got her start in hospitality and events, where customer service is the name of the game, I've seen first hand how positively this affects not only profits but also the community. In fact, Special Events Magazine asked me to write an article on service many years ago. If you have a moment, you can read it here Sending a big "Thank you" to all the people out there who take pride in their work and go out of their way to provide a positive experience for their customers. You are so appreciated!

The Sands Of Time

I am so excited to announce we have a new poster to share for The Sands Of Time. Colin and I lent some suggestions for it and I'm thrilled with the turnout. Take a look. We hope you like it.

This will be the poster used for film festivals and media, and you are some of the first people to see it! This is a beautiful and unique story about time travel and love which James has brought to life wonderfully and intriguing way.

Visual effects are on the current agenda for this short film and it is fascinating to watch James and the team create during the the process. My father, who was a computer engineer and died in 1981 would have been gobsmacked at what computers are able to do these days. The artists are able to change the shape of a face, hair, clothes and even develop a realistic snake striking from someone's mouth. Yes, whether it's science fiction, drama, a rom-com or a gory film these talents are truly extraordinary and should be hailed for the work they create on both the big and small screens.

As of now, it looks like the short will be completed by the end of June. You can view the film's IMDB page here.


This short has been such a pleasure to be a part of. I have a meeting with Director Lorena Gordon today and I am eager to touch base with her. The film is currently being graded and then will go to score. Grading is a process where a 'Colorist' or 'Timer' goes through the film, shot by shot, and does color correction and balancing. It is what gives a film that "movie look". We are also so fortunate to have our friend, Orion Crawford as a music consultant for the score. Lorena is thrilled with his notes and so am I.

If you're n the mood to listen to some cool music, take a listen to the soundtrack curated by Lorena for the film. These songs are close to her heart and in her own words "instrumental while writing the film".

Pinwheel Horizon

The social media pages for Pinwheel will be launching next week! I hope you will all follow along on the journey of what will be another outstandingly powerful short from Writer & Director Ian Ebright. If you would like to see a previous film which Ian has written and directed, check out the trailer and the entire film here


The documentary which will cover such auto-immune disorders such as, MCS, RA, CFS, POTS, TILT, EDS, ME and so many others is in full swing with a new temporary poster and its very own IMDB page. The first half of the film is currently being edited and filming is to resume in August/September so we are officially back into production.

Producing films has been one of the most creatively fulfilling ventures of my life. I truly enjoy being a piece in the puzzle that brings these stories to life.

I will have more updates soon on When The Rain Sets In.

This is all for now. Thanks for checking in this week, until next time...


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