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Rising To The Moment...

Updated: Feb 27

We have all seen it... History has been being made all over the country and the world, as people flock to the streets to protest the consistent injustices carried out disproportionately against the African American community. In an inspiring act of solidarity and action, thousands have filled the streets to say "Enough is enough".

I was in Santa Barbara this week when I spotted this wall art by artist: @chadillac_green. It's become a makeshift memorial for Floyd Green and others. The art brought up strong, raw emotions for me.

Reflection and change

History often repeats itself if left ignored. We must condemn the symptoms. Until we address the root problem and make real change, we will keep returning to this point. It is time for us to listen, to care, to work together to make tangible change. The system is failing our brothers and sisters in the black community. We must do our part to rise to the moment.

Love Thy Neighbor

Humans are social animals, we need each other to survive and thrive. When we come together and choose love, choose to see each other as equals, as fellow people with their own troubles and tribulations, strengths, talents, feelings, we can relate to one another. We must break down these walls which are holding us back from peace. Start with sincere listening, taking action, and a whole lot of love.

Taking Action

It is on us to step up and end this now. Together we can build a just system, where all violent crimes are punished to the full extent of the law. Because no one, NO ONE, is above the law.

Sign petitions, provide support, make calls, and/or get more information at these links:

Some important organizations doing vital work:

And this November, remember what has happened. Please vote for those who care about abolishing these injustices for good. Remember our politicians are supposed to be working for us, the people and not for large corporations or for their own interests. We need people who listen, understand and will make a difference. It is OUR job to tell them this is important to us.

Sending everyone love and light this week. Please take care of yourselves, and each other.


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Jun 05, 2020

Beautiful & timely post Janee. We can all do better, now is the time to take action and become better.

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