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Return To Civilization...

Updated: Feb 27

So Much Driving

The heat is a proverbial cattle dog and our trailer is the herd, steadily pushing us towards the water. We have been doing our best to evade the high temperatures after melting into human-shaped puddles in Moab. Maybe it was all those years spent in the Pacific Northwest, but I am just not a hot weather person. Give me 68-72 degrees (20-22 Celsius) with sunshine and a breeze and I'm in my perfect element.

This morning we are departing Show Low, AZ where we visited a friend (yes, we did our social distancing and he did as well). It was a three day stay though even with the pandemic, our friend made us feel welcome as we parked on his property not too far away from his home where we could hear the coyotes howl just after sunset.

The night sky here is even more brilliant than Goblin Valley There was a full moon when we were in Goblin Valley, unlike our time now. No moon or light pollution to fade the gleaming majesty of the universe around us. I tried to snap a photo but the camera didn't do it justice. It was also 3:45am so I'm surprised I was able to get anything worthwhile in the photo below.

Spending my days working from the trailer and knocking out some cleaning and reorganization before heading towards *drumroll please*... San Diego! Colin and I decided to make the detour as the weather has been mild and we have family and friends we'd love to see. We will be making sure to stay safe. After all our remote travels, some familiar faces will feel like comfort food to the soul.

In This Together

I know, we've all been hearing it everywhere. From celebrity tweets to car commercials, "we're all in this together" seems to be the slogan of current times. But as Colin and I travel back into populated areas, this is the first thought I have when I see people opting out of wearing a mask in public places.

Masks work best when everyone is participating. Making this a collective effort with each individual agreeing to do their part to help potentially save lives.

Goodbye Red Rocks

As we made our way towards the west, the landscape started to change and I bid the beautiful desert terrain farewell. The beauty of the desert is in a league entirely of its own. I will never forget this adventure or the incredible majesty of the red earth, spliced with creeks, canyons, and breathtaking views. Though I'd be lying if I said it wasn't refreshing to see the glimmer of green grass and sprawling vegetation.

A Look Back

We will most likely be in California for some time. I am thrilled for the opportunity to see loved ones and get some exciting projects started, but before we fully move on I'd like to share some of my favorite moments from the last couple of months.

Thankful for the best adventure partner anyone could ever hope for! I don't think there is anyone else on the planet I could survive living in this small space for this long, and I think Colin would say the same. We have made the most of every day, supported each other through back pain, intense cold, allergies, unrelenting heat, and more.

We are ready to continue our search for a new home base, with a mental treasure chest of new memories to cherish together.

Onward and Upward

That's it for this week, my friends. Expect many film updates to be flooding in soon. I anticipate being able to share some more information with you on a couple of projects in my next post. By then I will be sharing from beautiful Southern California.

Thank you for reading and wishing you and your families once again good health and much love.

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