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On a Mission...

Yesterday, Colin and I drove the trailer up to Pismo Beach. We were on a mission to visit one of our favorite regions, the central California coast. It was a beautiful drive up with the majority being along the water.

Before we set out to Pismo Beach, we spent some time in one of my southern California must-stops: Malibu.

You know we’re back in Malibu when we have a cup that drips! Vegan chocolate-coco ice cream sweetened only with dates. Yummmmmmmy!

Life On The Ranch

Our friends, Jill and Sparky, were gracious enough to lend us a spot on their scenic ranch. It was so nice to be able to forego having our entire stay at the local RV park. My chemical sensitivities are often triggered in these spaces, any opportunity to stay in the open air is so appreciated.

The wind is powerful up in the hills, a couple of nights were a bit restless as the wind shook the trailer like the shake shack at a carnival. Despite the lack of sleep, we stayed busy the entire trip. My morning celery juice always helps me wake up to face the day! Between our normal workload, our daily walks/hikes, and visiting with friends, we had a wonderful stay.

A Mission Of Understanding

In the past couple of weeks especially, I have been on a personal mission to stop, listen, reflect and try to understand. Now is the time to open our hearts and our minds to the tide of change. Change that demands a peaceful and just existence for everyone.

Small acts of kindness, in my opinion, are more needed than ever. The crusade for a new and improved reality can be tiresome and overwhelming, but a smile or a kind interaction can help to inspire hope. It's important to stay united as we move forward and make progress to realize a world where everyone is truly equal.

The news cycle may try to move on, but this is a movement, not a moment. It is time we listen and join the chorus for change!

In good health

As the hot summer weather approaches in many areas around the world, please keep in mind that Covid-19 is still very real. Stay safe, friends! Colin and I are still wearing our masks, washing our hands, and continuing to social distance.

With this in mind, have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Looking forward to next week. Remember to be kind to yourself, and each other.


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