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Keeping Busy...

For anyone who has never been out to The Four Corners (a region where the corners of four states meet, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico) it can be difficult to imagine just how wide open these spaces really are. While certain national parks and sites do have their busy seasons, the novel coronavirus has halted all such activity. We are lucky to see less than a handful of spread out RV's at every park we stay.

I would like everyone to know that Colin and I are traveling responsibly and taking every precaution possible to help slow the spread of COVID-19. But in all honesty, we don't have to do much. There is so much space and so few people, we are able to move around and hike without endangering ourselves or others.

Is there anybody out there?

The good news is we do get outside, living in a 23ft space would feel impossible quite quickly without this option. Although, it is lonely out here! I have resorted to waving to people in cars and trucks as we pass each other, settling for a form of safe, social interaction.

When we absolutely have to go to a store, Colin goes alone, wearing a mask, hat, glasses, and gloves. A friendly reminder cross-contamination is real and actually makes it more dangerous for everyone in these public spaces if people are not actively aware of what they are touching and therefore, possibly spreading.

Here is a great explanation by a nurse currently working on the frontlines, of how cross-contamination works

We are taking her message very seriously. I encourage everyone to do the same. Medical staff are depending on us to be informed and do our part.

The time has come

I have finally started working on something I've been trying to fit into my schedule for quite some time, the re-edit of my debut novel has officially begun! There are so many emotions as I sit down with this book. I am excited to bring new life to this work. My intention in writing this story is to spread laughter and hope for anyone needing a life boost.

It has been quite some time since I sat down to write about Eve. A fun fact about me is my creative juices have always flowed best at night. Adjusting to working on the book during the day is a transition in itself. Getting back into the groove feels exciting but also slightly awkward and intimidating. I want to deliver and give Eve and all the beloved characters the depth and development they deserve. I'm thrilled to be re-visiting this process, on the other side of my anxiety is the passion for bringing a story to the masses. This is the root of my love of both books and films. I am a true believer if we can push through any initial self-doubt or nerves, we can almost always accomplish our goals.

The entire book will be getting a makeover along with new cover art. This update will serve as the launchpad to writing my follow-up novel. It is truly an honor to settle back into this craft and I can't wait to share more with you.

The films are coming

The film projects are still a top priority and I look forward to the fast-approaching release of When The Rain Sets In. The film will be premiered in London and will run the film festival circuit before it will be available online. We expect When The Rain Sets In to be released in June 2020 on schedule!

Behind the scenes of When The Rain Sets In with lead actress, Florence Howard, writer/director James Hughes, and lead actor, Toby Sebastian.

Progress is also being made on the medical documentary as director Nigel Cole and I communicate often. Nigel has a personal connection to the topic and feels strongly about its content. He will bring an important added perspective to further help deliver a powerful, educational, and relatable film.

Staying put for now

We are antsy to make our way to Moab but for the foreseeable future, the entire area is shut down to visitors. So it appears we will be staying put through the week while we plan our next move. As I've stated before, we respect any closures and boundaries set by these beautiful communities and national parks.

Thank you for stopping by my friends, until next time!

Wishing you, your families and friends good health.



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