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Keep It Simple...

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Hello, friends! I am writing to you from the open road once again. We have traveled to Arizona and are now on our way to New Mexico. To say life moves slower out here, away from the busyness of Los Angeles, would most certainly be an understatement. Time is life's most precious gift, how could I not soak in these days that move poetically slow like molasses?

Turning down the pace and getting out in the country always fills me with the reminder to "keep it simple". A change of scenery can aid in shifting perspective to what's really important in life. Just as a daily routine can help someone thrive, remembering to step out of it once in a while can be equally beneficial.

Anyone close to me knows you'd be hard-pressed to find me without a long to-do list, I am the queen of keeping busy. However, there is an important distinction to be made here. Having a full day planned with work, meetings, calls, etc. It is not the same as having a full day scheduled with a trip to the farmer's market, a new hiking spot, walking the dog at sunset, preparing a homemade dinner, and finally watching that new film you've been dying to see.

I do my best to pepper in the busy days that nourish my soul, help keep me grounded, and inspire me to get back to work. The best part? The simpler the better.

Breathe it in

Air quality is something I pay close attention to. As you may be able to guess, LA has much room for improvement in that department. One of the first things I noticed out here is the wonderful, breathable air! Truly priceless. These are serious factors in our search for a new home base, our eyes are always open to possible houses as we travel.

There will definitely be some hiking happening out here, I want to take full advantage of the unique terrain and clean air. New Mexico especially has a spiritual feel that should be celebrated and respected by all who get to feel its warmth. It really is the simple things that leave us feeling alive, a magnificent view after a challenging hike, a whispering breeze embracing you, a natural water source enveloping your body in mineral magic. Trust nature's healing powers!

Speaking of nature's magic: we caught a little snowfall! How do you fully explain the phenomena of feeling that the universe is sending you a message when you randomly find yourself with snowflakes in Arizona? Simple gestures from the weather can feel extraordinary with the right perspective.

I oftentimes find myself longing for the time when people didn't overthink so much. We have loads to compare ourselves to these days, but it's not necessary! Going over to a friend's house for dinner and feeling pressure to bring an expensive bottle of wine or gift? Why not bring a bag of apples, fresh herbs, or flowers from your garden instead! We don't need fancy things to live richly. Getting back to basics is the future. It will be better for our souls and the planet!

On The Hunt

Please send good energy our way as we continue on our search for our next home. As much as we love the road, we are starting to miss the feeling of having our own little spot in the world.

Speaking of searching, I have been on the hunt to cast a narrator/host for my medical documentary that will be released later next year. I'm excited to report we have some well known and respected names in mind that will surely help to expand the documentary's audience. As of now, I cannot share any names, but when the time comes I will make sure to share with my blog readers first!

My hope is you will indulge in simplicity sometime soon. Shake up your routine without pressure to go overboard or do anything too strenuous or elaborate.

As always, thank you for reading!

Let's chat soon xo

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