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Films for Days!

Hello All! This week I want to share updates on the current film projects I've been working on. I am very proud of this work and all the hardworking, talented, and creative people who bring these stories to life. There is so much detail, planning, and teamwork that go into making a film. It is a very humbling and rewarding experience!

When the Rain Sets In

Here is the new poster which I absolutely love. We are not sure when or where this short will be premiering just yet, however, I will make sure to post when we do. James Hughes outdid himself in writing, directing and producing this short. I am not only excited for it to be shared with the world, I also think it should be made into a full feature film. It truly needs to be seen on the big screen to feel the full effect.

James creates a modern yet timeless love story, packed with emotions we can all relate to. With a beautiful aesthetic and an international backdrop, I'm confident this short will make instant fans out of its audience.

The Sands of Time

Another alluring short film from Writer/Director James Hughes, The Sands of Time is an excellent example of James's meticulous attention to detail paired with stunning imagery. This film premiered on the tropical island of Bali on Christmas Day last December, already securing awards as it makes its way through the festival circuit. Congratulations to James for recently winning Best Director at the Lundäng International Film Festival in Sweden!

If you haven't already, take a peek at the trailer:

I will make sure to announce when this film is available for viewing to the general public. For now, we wish it well on its trip around the globe. The next stops for The Sands of Time include the Mabig Film Festival in Germany and the International Short Film Festival in Moscow, Russia.

At Last

This heartwarming short has been making a big splash as it makes its way through the festival circuit. Congratulations are in order as this film has already taken home the following awards:

- Best LGBTQ Film at the Official Latino Film Festival

- Best LGBTQ Short Film at the Indie Short Fest

- Best Supporting Actor at the Indie Short Fest

- Best LGBTQ Short at the Toronto International Woman Film Festival

I could not be more proud of Writer/Director Lorena Gordon and the entire cast and crew!

In other exciting news, At Last, the feature, is now on paper! I am confident this short will beautifully cross over into a feature-length film and continue to win over audiences around the world.

If you haven't already, you can view the trailer here:

Life Inverted

As I've shared before, this documentary is my personal project. I have lived with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome for many years, as well as other chronic illnesses, and the rate at which these conditions are spreading globally is more than alarming to anyone paying attention. What may be even more unsettling is the lack of knowledge and/or support in the medical industry, general public and friends/family of those who live with it.

Currently in post-production, we figured out while in the editing process that the documentary will need a couple more segments filmed, setting back our release slightly later than we had originally planned. However, we should have a trailer to share with you all very soon!


My other two projects are in pre-production and it is too early to share any details just yet. Trust that I will share as soon as I am able! I am very excited about both of these films and one is with a filmmaker I deeply respect and have been wanting to work with for some time.

I hope you enjoyed these updates and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback on these films. Until next week, my friends!


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23 de fev. de 2021

So excted! Cant wait! So proud of all your hard work, time and dedication!!!

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