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Celebrating Women Everywhere!

Updated: Feb 27

Happy Women's History Month! And yesterday, March 8th is also International Women's Day! More than ever we have examples of strong women in every facet of life. From female CEOs, activists, students and mothers raising the next generation of mankind, women everywhere deserve to be celebrated. Being celebrated can look like many different things. Acknowledgment, support, opportunity, mentorship, celebrating doesn't have to mean just balloons and cake.

If you are curious like I was as to when, where, and why the tradition of Women's History Month and International Women's Day began, click here to read an article that sheds some light and honors some inspirational, history-making women. I was surprised to hear Women's History Month has only been around since 1987. While International Women's Day started in 1911. Although, it was not largely recognized in the United States until 1975.

We owe so much to the women before us. Many of the rights we have today were hard-fought by the fierce and determined women of many moons ago. And at the present day, we still have many courageous women dominating the frontlines of progress and change.

I am filled with pride and appreciation as I look at these women, who all in their own ways continue to influence and encourage the spirits of women today. Speaking out for what you believe is right, pushing past limitations, and leaving the door open for growing girls behind you is women empowerment at its best!

I am fortunate to know so many strong women and was raised by one too. Today I think of my mother and all of the women in my life and beyond. I honor you, I see you, I hold you dear in my heart. Let us continue to uplift one another, raise our voices, and when necessary, fill the streets and march in numbers! We are always stronger together.

Who comes to your mind when you think of inspiring women? I'd love to hear in the comments :)

Until next week, friends...


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