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Dancing Through The Days...

I'm back with your weekly dose of the coast! Colin and I had a wonderful weekend, we danced through the days as we explored a few of the local wineries. The scenery was beautiful, transitioning from beach to wine country in such a short drive is a dream. We took full advantage of sea salt winds and delicious foods.

Colin discovered a new favorite wine at Ernest Hemingway Vineyards. Of course, he inquired about the name, and if the people running it had any relation to Mr. Hemingway. The answer is no! They are not related, but have a working relationship with the family. We think Mr. Hemingway would approve of the wines.

The wine wasn't the only tastiness being dished out throughout the day. Charcuterie boards and Roasted peaches on bruschetta pleased our palettes, as well as our appetites. The sweet flavor of the roasted peaches complimented the bold and smooth taste of the cab, a must-try!

These adventures feel even more valuable in the current times and I am quick to appreciate any semblance of "normalcy". A romantic and relaxing weekend with my husband is cherished no matter what but I find myself feeling extra grateful for these special moments and a stolen kiss.

Sweet & Salty

As I mentioned before, I have come bearing your dose of the coast! The water never ceases to ease my soul and set the perfect backdrop. We walked and danced along the coastline and beach, taking in the waves and the healing energy of the ocean.

We were happy to spot lots of healthy kelp! In-person you can spot the fish dancing as they weave their way through the kelp maze. It's a gorgeous and hopeful sight to see ecosystems and wildlife being able to exist as they were intended.

I wanted to do something special for Colin, and after over 20 years together I can say with full confidence, the way to his heart is... chocolate. We sat on a bench and enjoyed a few of these delectable treats with friends. We met the man behind these amazing chocolates last year at a chocolate show (I helped him giveaway samples). If you have never tried Christopher Elbow handcrafted, gourmet chocolates than I suggest you seriously consider taking just one delectable bite (WARNING! You won't be able to stop with one). A must for any chocolate lover. And a bonus that they resemble small pieces of art. Look at those colors!

With sweets on our tongues and salt in the air, we took in the sunset together. It really is the little moments in life that make it all worth it.

Thank you for checking in, I hope you enjoyed coming along on our weekend adventure. I would love it if this week's post inspired another couple (or anyone, self-care is essential) to take some time to relax and nurture each other soon. One simple life rule still rings true: You get what you give.

I'll be back next week with more updates and of course, more photos to share :)

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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