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Color All Around...

Hello again! It has been an intense week of house hunting while juggling work but our spirits remain high. We remain in New Mexico, as I mentioned last week. There is spiritual energy here that fills the soul. In my opinion, this is partly due to the colorful culture that can be found all around. The contrast of the desert terrain decorated with beautiful, bright colors is magical! I can see why so many Native American cultures celebrate these gorgeous shades in all aspects of life.

Spring is near

What better time to honor the colorfulness of life than in the season of color itself? Oh, how I love the emergence of mother nature after her long winter slumber! The flowers are taking their turns blooming one by one, the birds are serenading, and people's hearts are beaming as the days finally begin to last a little longer. With new life comes new pigments, hues, shades, and tints of color.

Spring/Summer fashion runways are bursting with color. Designers like Gabriella Hearst are basking in the fun. I can't help but see hints of New Mexico in these ensembles, but this may be because I am out in the desert! As sophisticated as black can be, I adore the inclusion of blazing color in one's wardrobe.

From our clothes to our plates, color is transformative. Almost any doctor will tell you to try and put as much color on your plate as possible, why? Because color oftentimes equals health in regards to food! Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients, they are good for our bodies and minds. How does nature let us know? By painting them irresistible shades of green, red, purple, orange, yellow, etcetera. I think our minds naturally respond to captivating hues, and this should be encouraged as nature intended.

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” - Oscar Wilde

We are so fortunate to live in a time where art is everywhere. We are able to express ourselves whether it be in painting, writing novels, or creating films. We can use color to tell our stories. There is a science to it. It's that powerful! Blue can mean sadness or melancholy, but it can also invoke feelings of security and trust. Perhaps that plays into my love of being near the ocean. Want to know more about how colors are able to transform our psyches? This is a fascinating read...

The full screen

Lots of final post-production details are being sewn up on When The Rain Sets In, the short film I'm producing with award-winning filmmaker James Hughes. Credits and last-minute editing are in full swing as we look ahead to finish this unique, yet relatable project. Speaking of color, take a moment to look at the color palette of the poster for the film and think to yourself what feelings/clues do they give you about the overall tone of the film?

I am very curious to read your answers, feel free to comment below!

In addition to When The Rain Sets In, I have been chipping away at getting Pinwheel Horizon ready for production with the extremely creative, director Ian Ebright. We are so close to having the casting solidified and I am thrilled to see this project moving along. Head over to the FILMS page on my website to catch up on all my film projects.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us as we continue our hunt for a new home base! We have succumbed to the idea it will take us a while though the reward will be worth the effort, and a new home will add more color to our lives through home-cooked meals and gardens filled with fresh food and flowers.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to reading your thoughts on the power of color!

Let's chat soon! xo

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