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Choose love.

I posted recently on my social media that Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday of the year! Living positively and spreading love is one of my strongest core beliefs that I live my life by. What other holiday celebrates that more than V-Day?

tickled pink

We started last Friday off with a visit to the Getty Museum, an absolutely incredible collection of art and the grounds are maintained beautifully. We relished our stroll through the gardens and enjoyed a delicious late lunch.

After the Getty, we adventured over to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. As we sipped on champagne and ordered dessert, we enjoyed light conversation with fellow lovebirds. I adore people who understand how powerful a simple praise or acknowledgment can be. Whenever I am out and about and I see a beautiful smile or some cool shoes, I let the person know, why? Because I choose to spread love, always! You never know when that small interaction might lead to new friends.

My full Valentine's look: I love mixing feminine and edgy elements to add contrast in my outfit.

During our time at The Beverly Hills Hotel, I was contacted by Director James Hughes with the rough cut of When The Rain Sets In, a short film I am Executive Producing. Of course, we could not wait to watch it, we hurried to the car and snuck behind the hotel for a private viewing. This project is so close to finished, expect an update soon! For now, that's all I can share, but know the finished product is on the horizon.

With V-Day falling on a Friday we couldn't let the fun end there! Throughout the week I was fortunate to spend time catching up with girlfriends, I try my best to stay connected as I travel. The best friendships are the ones that seem to pick up right where you left off. The bonds we form woman to woman are so therapeutic and necessary. Taking the time to nurture these relationships is equivalent to waving a giant flag that says "I love you! I value you! You bring joy to my life!", and who doesn't want to feel that with a friend?

The perfect cap to a dreamy weekend was Isabella Rossellini's one-woman show at the Malibu Playhouse. The way she highlights the connection between humans and animals is so thought-provoking and from the heart. When we open our hearts to animals, we open ourselves up to an invaluable lesson in unconditional love and empathy. I highly recommend seeing her show if you're in the LA area!


so many ways to love you

If you haven't gathered by now, I think love rules. Not just the cliche, hallmark kind of love. Truly caring for someone means recognizing the form of love they need at that moment. It can look like supporting a depressed friend in re-claiming their life, voicing concerns for a family member, or putting in the hard work to self reflect and improve your communication skills with a partner. We never know what battles someone may be fighting, choose to be a light in their life. I challenge anyone reading this to go out of your way to be kind to yourself and others around you, and see how quickly your soul begins to fill with the healing powers of love.

Until next time my friends!

Let's chat soon xo

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