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Checking In On One Another...

What a year 2021 has proven to be already. Many people were under the impression with the new year comes a new slate. However, since we are in unprecedented times, change is among us and we most likely will be in this state of change for awhile. Some people may be experiencing joy while others much grief. This is life and always has been though now it seems to be magnified.

I've touched on this before but I think it rings true now more than ever, we need to be checking in on each other. Prioritizing mental health and well-being is, in my opinion, one of the best things we can all do for ourselves and each other right now. Phoning or video chatting friends and family, getting outside for a hike or walk and meditation... It helps!

30 minutes of guided, daily meditation can help center and relieve stress. When was the last time you meditated? The world seems to slow down a bit when I take this time for myself.

I captured this photo of a sunset here in Malibu the other day and as I looked over the ocean, I felt a sense of calm. Finding even small amounts of peace in these moments are what we all need more of right now. Gazing out at the Earth, in all her majestic glory, really does put life into perspective.

No matter what does or doesn't happen in the coming days, we have to remember that love and kindness rule supreme. Check on your neighbors, check on your family, communicate to someone if you need support.

Fear is the main driving force behind anger and violence. There is a wonderful quote from a fabulous character in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, which resonates after working in hospitality and the meeting and event industry:

There is so much truth in this statement. We can not control others, trying to do so will only lead to frustration and a sense of defeat. What we can do is choose how we show up, how we respond and how we lead by example.

I hope to report again from the central coast of California next week, one of my favorite places in the world. Until then, I'm sending you lots of love and light. We will persevere and come out stronger on the other side, I truly believe this to be true.


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