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Awareness & Actions

Updated: Feb 27

I made sure to take lots of photos to share with you all this week! But first, I'd like to touch on an important film, The Story Of Plastic. As many of you know, Earth Day just passed this last Wednesday. A highly anticipated documentary that my friend Brian Wilson was involved in, premiered globally on Discovery Channel, the same day. Colin and I tuned in and I absolutely implore everyone to watch it. The Story Of Plastic draws back the curtain on the real cost of plastic pollution. Did you know that last year, oil companies spent $1.5 billion on trying to find solutions to fix issues caused by their own plants? Also, they're currently spending an additional $204 billion (yes, this is BILLION with a B) on building NEW plants around the world?

It's all a PR spin! Anything to make people look away and not pay attention.

I am so happy this information is being spread on a mass scale and eternally grateful to the people working tirelessly to fight against unsustainable plastic production and use. They are doing real work to save our planet!

You don't have to be on the frontlines to take action. I will be doing my part and following some of the suggestions outlined in the documentary.

For example:

- Call your local and state officials, demand that plastic bags be banned in your city/state. This actually works! This is how policy change is made, with pressure from the people.

- We can also consider everything we buy, these corporations may have billions to lobby with, but we have the power of the consumer. We can simply choose not to support plastic-bottled water, for instance. I had no idea chip bags have multiple layers of plastic until I watched the film, it's good to know these things when shopping!

I know these facts, and the plastic crisis itself is daunting. But we simply cannot keep this up. If we care about the Mother Earth the way we say we do, then we need to step up and put our feelings into action. I usually keep it positive, but we can't sugarcoat the reality: we are poisoning ourselves and the planet.

Colin and I spent the rest of Earth Day hiking and reflecting on how marvelous and magical this planet really is. The next day we made our way around town, picking up plastic and trash wherever we saw it. This year, let's all commit to taking action for Mother Earth. She gives and gives and it is time we make adjustments and sacrifices for her. It will only make us healthier in the long run.

Off we go...

The saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" could easily be swapped for "an adventure a day keeps the blues at bay". I mentioned in an earlier blog post that Colin and I are borderline obsessed with snowshoeing. It is one of our favorite activities outside of hiking, and boy did we get a treat this past week!

Exploring Brian's Head was incredible. It was snowing and hailing pellets of snow as we drove up, as you can see, we were in our element.

The trip was made complete when we decided to be spontaneous and take a different route home. We drove until we happened upon Panguitch Lake, still frozen over from winter. It was truly breathtaking, there was a sense of calm that washed over me as I stood at the base of the lake. Sights like these help to ground my spirit and fuel my sense of adventure.

Red Canyon & Thunder Mountain Trail

For some time now I've considered myself a confident and sturdy hiker, but even someone who does this daily will take their share of tumbles, and it appears I was overdue! I fell while exploring Red Canyon, it felt surreal and after falling in what seemed like slow motion I instantly started laughing. If you look closely at the photos, you'll notice the ground was covered in thousands of oddly shaped, and some very sharp, rocks. The scenery had me mesmerized and distracted, one misstep later and I was down! Can you blame me? Take a look for yourself... And of course, we kept hiking (scrapes, bruises and all!). And did I mention it was about 39 degrees?

On Thursday, Colin had a perfect break during lunch to hit a trail. I was feeling better from the fall after a night's sleep and quickly agreed. I paused David Sedarkis on my Master Class lesson and slipped on my hiking shoes. You won't catch me turning down a trail with a name like Thunder Mountain! It turned out to be one of my favorites so far.

I think this covers it this week. We are venturing out to explore some slot canyons this weekend, I will make sure to take loads of photos as they are other-worldly in appearance and quite magnificent.

Next week, I'll give an update on all the other projects I'm working on.

I do enjoy taking you all on this journey with me and I hope you do as well!

Sending my best to you and your families


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Sherilyn Wolter
Sherilyn Wolter
Apr 25, 2020

Aloha! You guys look so well and happy! What beautiful photos!

Looks like you guys are doing exactly the right thing for yourselves. 💕


Colin Broadwater
Colin Broadwater
Apr 24, 2020

Great post! Molly and I will watch the movie. We've worked to decrease our plastic usage over the years and are working on growing much of our own vegetables which should help decrease consumption as well. Thanks for the additional motivation! Happy Earth Day!

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