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All You Need Is Love...

This coming Sunday is my favorite day of the year, Valentine's Day! My most prized holiday since I was a child, I have adored the idea of a whole day (secretly, I wish it was the whole year) dedicated to celebrating love. While I have been fortunate to have twenty years with my husband, romantic love is not the only type of relationship I like to celebrate. Honoring all the many bonds we experience in life, I find Valentine's day is for everyone!

I went through photos from V-day's past and collected others to share with you. Can you tell I like dessert? It was enjoyable to reflect on some romantic and fun times. Feeling in love is such a beautiful and humbling human experience that requires vulnerability, honesty, strength, and trust. These are bold characteristics and for me the colors red and pink perfectly capture the essence of these feelings.

I am filled with gratitude as I look back on our experiences and times shared together. Through the best of times as well as the tough ones, we always faced them together. That is the foundation of love, is it not? Being there for our loved ones and knowing they will love us through our strengths and weaknesses. Support, kindness, and understanding. With every person I have loved, I have learned more about myself, what my wants, needs, hopes, and dreams are. I have nurtured a self-love through all these journeys. I am thankful for every connection big or small, it has helped mold me into the person I am today.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day, don't be afraid to reach out to family and friends. A quick call or text can make someone's day! I will end this week's post with a song which can only be described as pure light by the one and only, Celine Dion:

Until next week, I wish you much love, joy and happiness.


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