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A Helping Hand...

Last week I touched on choosing the path of love, this week I'd like to delve into putting that mentality into action. Let me ask you something, how aware are you while walking through the world? It's easy to get trapped in a cycle of tunnel vision. We tend to hyper-focus on our to-do list, our destination, our day-to-day. When we mindfully tune in to our natural awareness we see so many opportunities to lend a helping hand.

Two Deeds A Day

An easy to remember rule that keeps me on the lookout for these opportunities is to do two good deeds every day. You'd be surprised how fast situations present themselves when you're carrying an open heart and mind. The other day I was walking on the beach and came across a distressed woman who had lost her cellphone. We all know this dreadful feeling!

She was desperately looking through a pile of rather large rocks, assuming she had dropped her phone there. I approached her and offered to keep an eye out for it. Truthfully, I wasn't hopeful I'd see it on my path. Low and behold, a 1/4 of a mile away I spotted a lone cellphone sitting on a bench. Quickly, I grabbed the phone and turned back in her direction. Oh, the relief on her face! Had I not taken a moment to check in with her, I may have not even noticed the phone on the bench and who knows where it would have ended up.

During the same walk, Colin and I came across two frightened elderly ladies whose dogs were in a full-blown brawl. We managed to wedge ourselves between the pups enough for the women to get them separated. It was quite the scene, thankfully no one was hurt! We walked away grateful we had been there to intervene.

My intentions here are not to brag or boast. I find a certain level of spiritual magic in choosing to take initiative and stand up for what's right. To be a light, a positive moment in someone's day, it does more for me than it does for them. For me, this is a type of self-care. Acts of kindness make us better people, strengthens our communities, and sets an example for our children which will echo for generations.

Producing Is Believing

One of the reasons I enjoy producing films is I have a deep fondness for helping people create/achieve their dreams. These writers and directors wake up every day and work incessantly to get their film off of paper and onto the big or small screen. As the process develops, I can see the excitement in their eyes as they know we are now one step closer. It's a beautiful feeling to do what you love and help others in the process.

Speaking of hard work and kindness, we were thrilled to get together this week with Director Lorena Gordon of At Last for a wonderful and inspiring dinner. I hope you will see what an incredible and dynamic team she and her bother AJ are when you see this movie she created from her heart and soul.

Always a fun time when I get to meet with colleagues in the industry!

Sitting In Gratitude

We had a lovely visit with family and friends last week. This helped to round off a perfect weekend. It's times like these that I have to sit back and meditate in gratitude for this life. In my opinion, taking the time to reflect and be thankful will only act to bring more abundance into our lives. An abundance of love, awareness, and empathy.

I hope this resonates and encourages you to consider your level of awareness and gratitude as you walk through your own journey. My dream is to step a little lighter, breathe a little easier, and love a little harder.

Thank you for tuning in, until next time my friends!

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